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Slow at work.

The clock ticking at work is driving me nuts. Tick-tock, Tick-tock, but real slow. I have met some nice people today. One man was very nice, just a tiny bit flirty. He had an accent, not foreign but maybe very northern U.S. Reminded me of the way a favorite great-uncle of mine spoke and he lived in Wisconsin. Another lady told me what pretty skin I had which made me feel good as all of my teenage and early 20's I had horrible spotty skin.

It is so slow here today. Last days of the month usually are. It'll pick up at the end of the week. I'm by myself today but kind of glad of it.

It's cold and rainy. The rain I don't mind but I hate the cold. Just a few more weeks and I can start planning out my flower garden. I didn't do very well last year with it but that was because of a job change plus a nasty break-up. I just didn't do things that I usually did.