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Fic recs

For Star Wars fans on my flist:

Together Again Pt 4 by ring34_ani

Saving You Pt 4 by my_ani

Perfect Picture by starfics

There are also some stories starfics has about Ben/Vestara and some short stories about the solo brothers at jedi_brothers.
Do you ever wish you could just halt time for a little while? Just for time to catch your breath and actually ENJOY being alive and in the wonderfully created world we live in? If I knew how, I would do it. It's been a hard month. One of the hardest I've had to deal with that didn't involve a death in the family. I feel like everything's bottoming out. They say the only way to go is up after that happens but it kind of looks like that's not going to happen quickly. My stress level has skyrocketed, my blood pressure is soaring, my pulse rate is like a runaway train. I'm hanging on by a thread but I won't give up.

I CAN'T GET ENOUGH SLEEP!!!! It's not that I'm not sleeping, I am, but I am still sleepy when I get up. I've been like this about three days now. Seriously, I could crawl out of this chair, onto the cold tile floor, and go straight back to sleep.

Writer's Block: Passing Time

When you're stuck in a boring class or meeting, what's your favorite way to keep yourself entertained (or at least from falling asleep)?
Looking like I'm taking notes but I'm really scribbling little ideas for stories. Sometimes I'm daydreaming, going through the steps of planting a spot in my flower garden or changing something in the house.
Title: The Thrill of Discovery
Author: morgonskywalker
Fandom: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Characters: Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, Padme Amidala (kind of)
Ratings: Rated PG-13
Word Count: about 1210
Disclaimers: I don’t own the characters, I just like to write fanfiction about them.
Summary: Young Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano discovers a secret and doesn’t quite know what to think of it.

The Thrill of DiscoveryCollapse )

Writer's Block: Table for One

Do you ever go out to dinner (at a sit-down restaurant) by yourself?

Yes, I do! I love Chinese food and my husband hates it. If I can't find somebody to go with me to my favorite nice restaurant I am perfectly capable of finding my way there alone.:)

Writer's Block: A Bargain at Any Price

No matter what their budget is, everyone loves a bargain. What item or object do you love the most that cost you the least?

It always thrills me to find good used books to read, most for $1 or less. And jeans that ACTUALLY FIT ME at the thrift store for less than $5. And this time of the year is when to stock up on perfumes and bath stuff with the prices sometimes 1/4 of the original.

Christmas cards for injured soldiers!

I found this nice idea at boromirs_wraith's journal who had found it at hbpen's journal. It's a great idea and how hard can it be to make up an extra card (or two or three) to send here.:)

When doing your Christmas cards this year, take one card and send it to this address. If we pass this on and everyone sends one card, think of how many cards these wonderful special people who have sacrificed so much would get.

When you are making out your Christmas card list this year, please include the following:

A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue,NW
Washington,D.C. 20307-5001

If you approve, please pass it on.

I really do like Fridays...

Finally, it's Friday...

Work is dead. You would never know it was a Friday morning. It's blue jean day, a new thing they've started and it seems weird to feel so comfortable at work. And you know, people look different in jeans, men and women both, than they do when all dressed up professionally. It's kind of an interesting change.

I think I promised to go to a ball game this evening, only I'm not sure if it's here or an away game. I had a schedule and apparently have misplaced it wherever I've misplaced dozens of other things the past few weeks. I feel like I have a black hole somewhere, sucking things into it.

Tartanshell's birthday is today!





Not Today, Star Wars, Darth Vader, Rated G

Title: Not Today
Author: morgonskywalker
Fandom: Star Wars
Characters: Darth Vader
Rating: Rated G
Timeline: Not long after The Empire Strikes Back.
Word Count: 415
Disclaimers: This is a work of fanfiction and I do not profit from it.
Summary: Vader’s injured.

Not TodayCollapse )

Cross-posted to coruscantnights and other Star Wars communities.
Yeah, wish I had a little of that Christmas spirit right now. I'm just tired. If I could crawl in the bed and stay there a few days I really think I'd be okay. Alas, neither family nor job would be very understanding of that.

So...what's up? I haven't been keeping up with my flist...yeah, I'm ashamed...and don't know what's been happening with everybody. I've also ignored coruscantnights and the community looks like it's dead. IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING YOU CAN POST THERE PLEASE DO SO!!!

I put my Christmas lights on the house this evening. Icicle lights of course, same as every year though I usually switch up the other things I put out. I have one little three foot section that is out and it's very annoying and I will have to get up the ladder again tomorrow evening to see what's the problem with them. I love those blow-up things I'm seeing in people's yards but was afraid to buy one, the cats and dog would probably ruin it the first day.

I bought It's a Wonderful Life. I LOVE that movie though nobody will watch it with me. There's a couple of people I'd like to put in George Bailey's place. I bought wrapping paper with A Christmas Story on it...you know...Ralphie and the Red Ryder BB Gun. My second favorite. I really am trying to get in the Christmas spirit.
You Have OK Karma

You try to be a good person... well, sometimes you try!
While you are caring deep down, you don't always show it.
You're very focused on yourself, and others come second (if not third).
Which is fine, but don't expect others to focus on you.

Jul. 10th, 2007

I'm tired of work, I'm tired of rude people. I keep dreaming of what it would be like to be on my own a while with no responsibilities. I wonder if I'd be able to relax even then. Probably not, I'd worry too much about my family. But I need some kind of relief somewhere. I'm exhausted. I'm discouraged. I don't know what I want to do with my life. I don't like my job but have had no success looking for anything else. I don't know how to enjoy anything anymore and every day seems to bring a new problem without any resolution for old ones.

The new community has been doing well. There are several stories posted. Check it out if you haven't yet.

My writing...is going mostly nowhere. I can't even read anymore, I can't concentrate.

New community!!!!

I've finally got my new Star Wars community, coruscantnights, up and going though it still needs work, especially the profile page.

If you have any fanfiction, old or new and of any type, feel free to post it. Other things such as icons, pictures, drawings, discussion, recommendations, lists, questions, etc. are welcome as long as they have something to do with the Star Wars Universe. Suggestions are also welcome, I haven't been the maintainer of a community before and may overlook something.

Sick and worried and sick...

Well, the rumors are certainly finding their way around LJ. I don't know what to believe but I do know that some journals and communities are gone, whether by LJ or not, that I don't know. I don't think whoever is causing the big stink is going to hurt anyone but innocent people. Those that prey on others usually hide their tracks well.

I use LJ to post things sometimes that I don't feel comfortable saying to my family or other people I know. I do a lot of reading here, some of the material may be deemed "suitable" and some may not but who has the right to judge? I don't like the idea that I suddenly have to be careful of everything I say here or what I put on my interest list or what communities I join or watch. LJ is useless to me if that happens.

Well, in other news...I'm sick. With some weirdo cold?...virus?...something that makes me feel like I'm walking under water. Then everyone here seemed to think they were starving so I cooked...and ate. DO NOT EAT SALMON AND SPICY MACARONI IF YOU DO NOT FEEL WELL TO START WITH. I've drank almost a whole bottle, yes I do mean a 2 litre, of Dr. Pepper since I first woke up at 5 AM. I've found that a cold glass can give a temporary illusion of wellness.

Guess what book I have, that I drug myself to the bookstore to buy sans makeup and with my rattiest clothes on? Yep, Sacrifice. I've been reading bits and pieces but the print makes my eyes water. I already know how it's going to end...who doesn't by now?...but I get the most pleasurable feeling every time I look at it. Maybe it's the big STAR WARS across the front...a reminder of better, kinder days.

Gloomy out this afternoon...

I think I need to see a movie this evening. Hmmmmm...The Reaping or The Hills Have Eyes 2...can't make my mind up.Do I want to be just scared or scared and grossed out?

I'm tired of being shut in today. Nobody wants to do anything. **Whine Whine** Maybe I should just go to sleep and maybe I'll wake up in a better mood.


The Return...

Has anybody watched The Return? We just got it on DVD and I really enjoyed it. Scary and eerie without losing body parts. I really haven’t heard that much about the film. Did it not do well when it was first released? I never would have thougght there would be so much chemistry between Sarah Michelle Geller’s character and the older man. I was stumped for a while in the story and was actually afraid he’d turn out to be her father or something.

Are there any journals or fan fiction around for the movie?


Finally posting.

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted here!

Work, work, work. Nothing has gone right all month with work. The people are still crazy and the boss keeps changing EVERYTHING. But no work tomorrow...*dancing around the room in her flowered gown*...so I'm free to do anything I want. Hmmmmm.

I don't feel like writing though I need to at least get the next chapter of my Jacen Solo story ready. I have a stack of library books I've ignored for weeks. Overdue! I could go to the movies...Ghost Rider, Hannibal, Bridge to Terabithia (is that spelled correctly????)...hey, where's Factory Girl? Isn't that the new one with Hayden Christensen? I don't see it listed for this week and I know it wasn't there last week either. That sucks. I could clean my place, make it sweet smelling and pretty...nah. I could sleep and hole up with Pay-per-view all day.

Feb. 3rd, 2007

I was soooo glad to get home from work yesterday evening. I was run off my feet most of the day and the phone never seemed to quit ringing.

I had intended to watch a few things on TV last night and write some more but made the mistake of lying down "only for half an hour" at 8:30 and apparently I needed sleep cause I didn't know anymore until 5:00 this morning when I had to pee.

Everything was white outside this morning. Poor car. Wish I had a garage or something. Almost didn't get the door open.

Can't make up my mind what I want to do today. I want to write some more of my Jacen story but I don't have it situated in my mind yet...I know most of the things I want to happen in it but I don't know what order I want them to happen in.
Title: Hope in the Darkness, Part 1
Author: morgonskywalker
Fandom: Star Wars EU
Rating: Rated G
Characters: Jacen Solo
Word Count: About 1450
Warnings: None for this chapter. There may be for later chapters.
Disclaimers: I do not own Star Wars or its characters and I make no profit from them.
Summary: Jacen Solo, on a quick clandestine visit to Tatooine, discovers something unsettling.

Hope in the Darkness, Part 1Collapse )

Slow at work.

The clock ticking at work is driving me nuts. Tick-tock, Tick-tock, but real slow. I have met some nice people today. One man was very nice, just a tiny bit flirty. He had an accent, not foreign but maybe very northern U.S. Reminded me of the way a favorite great-uncle of mine spoke and he lived in Wisconsin. Another lady told me what pretty skin I had which made me feel good as all of my teenage and early 20's I had horrible spotty skin.

It is so slow here today. Last days of the month usually are. It'll pick up at the end of the week. I'm by myself today but kind of glad of it.

It's cold and rainy. The rain I don't mind but I hate the cold. Just a few more weeks and I can start planning out my flower garden. I didn't do very well last year with it but that was because of a job change plus a nasty break-up. I just didn't do things that I usually did.

Finally got my account fixed.

I have had the worst time getting my user account set up and my journal looking like I want it. I kept losing my Internet connection.

I'll probably post a variety of things here. Anything from how I'm feeling to fanfic to just nonsense stuff. Feel free to friend me if you want.